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What is an independent financial advisor in Germany

As a licensed financial services institution in germany, Honorarfinanz AG has to fulfill special equity, disclosure and auditing obligations vis-à-vis the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Are you looking for legally guaranteed independence in investment advice? According to §94 of the German Securities Trading Act, the term “independent fee-based investment advisor” is protected! Honorarfinanz AG is subject to the Honoraranlageberatungsgesetz:

Requirements for independent fee-based investment advice

  • Remuneration by the client
  • Broadly diversified range of products (market overview)
  • Also recommendations of issues from other providers
  • No fixed-price business except for own issues
  • Organizational, functional and personnel separation
  • Registration in the Honorar-Anlageberaterregister

Honorarfinanz AG may act exclusively in the customer’s interest and may not accept any commissions. Further special duties of conduct and organization, such as independence in product selection, must be fulfilled by Honorarfinanz AG as a registered “Honorar-Anlageberater”.

Consumer tip –
Honorar-Anlageberater may advise comprehensively, thus also over individual securities –
for example of your existing depot!

Decide for yourself which type of advisor is right for you:

independent financial advisor Germany
The types of investment advisors in Germany

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