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Your added value of fee-based consulting

Your added value, created by independent, commission-free financial advice
= fee-based investment advice

value fee-based consulting

Advice: objective and completely product-neutral

  • Advice and product decoupled from each other
  • absolute transparency (all costs are disclosed)
  • No commission income from product providers – we are subject to the fee-based advisor law, so you can rely on this

As a fee-based advisor, in addition to providing product-neutral advice, we can also help you implement and procure suitable funds and other product solutions.

Are you interested in learning more about the special features, the way of working and the type of remuneration?
I have recorded all these topics around the added value of fee-based consulting in a compact video for you and put it on Youtube. Here you can directly access the video. Its in german, but you can turn the subtitles on

Video added value fee consulting

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