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Your added value of fee-based consulting

Your added value of fee-based consulting with Florian Zekert

Added value fee-based consulting

Objective and completely product-neutral thanks to fee-based consulting

  • Consulting and product decoupled from each other, pure consulting possible at all
  • Your goals and needs are the sole focus
  • absolute transparency (all costs are disclosed)
  • no commission income from product providers – we are subject to the Honorar-Anlageberatergesetz, so you can rely on this
  • feel well uplifted on an emotional level
  • can trust once again even after previous bad experiences

Are you interested in learning more about the special features, the way of working and the type of remuneration? I have recorded all these topics around the added value of fee-based consulting in a compact video for you and put it on Youtube. Here you can directly access the video, enjoy it:

As a fee-based advisor, in addition to providing product-neutral advice, I can also help you implement and procure suitable funds and other product solutions.

Here you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Product solutions 100% commission-free
  • Reduction of product costs by 40-60% compared to classic commission tariffs
  • Reimbursement of 100% of hidden costs in your products (so-called kickback payments)

Already with a monthly savings rate of 500€ and a savings period of 25 years, the advantage for you is over 105,000€.

The larger the investment amount and the longer your investment period, the greater the advantage. Here we have created another example calculation with a one-time investment sum of 100,000€ for you:

Decide now!

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