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Our promise

Independence, transparency and individuality

Whoever gives seemingly “free” advice, only wants to sell something! We create the right concept for you individually. As a fee-based investment advisor under state supervision, we guarantee that we work for you completely free of commissions, i.e. 100% independence.

Commission-free investments

With commission-free fee-based tariffs and ETFs or Dimensional funds, you usually save 40% – 60% of the usual costs. This automatically increases your assets by an average of several 10,000 €! Therefore, have your existing tariff checked and optimized. Do not give away money!

Scientific investment advice

You will receive reliable investment principles from us, which are derived from scientific findings and have already been awarded various Nobel prizes.
As a result, with our advice and investor coaching, you will enjoy investing in the future and have great, positive experiences.

Smart financial decisions

Financial and investment advice from Honorarfinanz AG always aims to enable you to recognize and assess developments in your portfolio. We create an awareness for correlations, risks and opportunities. It is also our task to protect you from the nonsense that affects you daily through all media.

Free strategic consultation  
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