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The Germans’ favorite vacation island has recently been available to tourists only to a very limited extent, but for living this is a paradise.

Pleasant climate, fertile nature, mountains, dream beaches, great golf courses and generally unlimited sports opportunities (okay, except winter sports), a cosmopolitan and colorful society and culture, with Palma as one of the most beautiful major cities in Europe are just a few of the reasons why I also like to spend winters here.

The dream of a second home on the island?

The island also has some unique advantages as an investment location. The limited land area and the exclusivity of the location have only the disadvantage that even in Corona times the prices have hardly dropped noticeably. This is a truly crisis-proof location with plenty of abundant potential.

It all comes down to a good network

In the meantime I have a top-class network of selected specialists in the fields of law, taxes and real estate on site, which I can use to your maximum advantage. The service providers can be coordinated by me and we work hand in hand to create a smooth positive experience for you.

You save a lot of time and any missteps, and we are happy to make sure that an investment fits your framework, your financial plan, your tax requirements and, if applicable, your subsequent inheritance strategy.

For example, a project such as a vacation home acquisition with partial possible owner occupancy can be completed from the initial planning to the completely delegated management to success in the appropriate company construct.

Use this opportunity with the branch office of the Honorarfinanz on Mallorca as your bridgehead, in order to discuss the realization of your future dreams or an investment under palms in comfortable travel distance confidently. The claim of a state-licensed fee consultant I let also apply to the quality of my cooperation partners on the island.

Your independent partner on the island

Even discovery meetings or progress meetings as an existing client can take place comfortably on the island during the winter months. Or don’t you want to mix your vacation with financial topics? Then even better:
We can also discuss the goals, figures and measures in the online consultation and rather just enjoy the fruits of our cooperation on the island when meeting there. I would also be happy to develop into a partner and friend for you in many life situations and for your start on the island.
This is entirely up to you and unfortunately still a small annoying C virus.

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