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Honorary consultant in Germany

My development from student to your honorary consultant in Germany

Honorary consultant Germany

My development from student to your honorary consultant in Germany

Of course, I didn’t start out as a fee-based consultant in Leipzig, but had to go my not always easy way first. In 2006, I began my studies of economics with a focus on “banking and insurance management” in Leipzig. Originally I had the dream to become an investment banker. The financial crisis in 2008 put an end to this dream, because that would never have fulfilled me. I wanted to understand economics and financial markets and at the same time use this knowledge and my skills to help people improve their lives.

Honorary consultant mallorca

The start in structural sales

In 2009, as a young business student, I came to the financial services industry highly motivated. First, I gained exciting insights as an executive assistant in a large distribution company, then I wanted to help people grow into consulting practice myself.

Unfortunately, most of the scientific theories of capital investment from my studies were not taken very seriously in practice. Professors also viewed structural sales rather disparagingly, and I myself had increasing doubts about the “system”.

New start as a freelance insurance and finance broker

As a result, I drew the first conclusions and became a freelance insurance and financial broker. From now on, I was freer, could conclude brokerage contracts with my clients and no longer had to apply the rules of a distribution system.

But even in this world, product schukungenb were mostly “stories” schooled and looked at past performance. The approaches and the opinions of the trade press and fund managers were manfold and ambiguous. Regardless, my investors made only mediocre gains despite good markets – the reason: We had all underestimated the (sometimes hidden) costs of the investment products!

None of my clients have ever lost money, but I want to make sure my clients don’t have any nasty surprises and can later enjoy the fruits of good independent financial life planning and investment strategies that work. The above processes did not meet my standards. In 2017, I had enough and decided to join an elite group of financial advisors.

“No more half-measures: state-licensed fee-based investment advisor”

Honorary consultant Germany

A strict separation of advice and products thanks to state “seal of independence” as a partner of Honorarfinanz AG is exactly what makes the difference and how advice on the side of the customer is possible. Without conflict of interest – a real liberation and a completely different way of working with my clients! As a partner of Honorarfinanz, I am your fee consultant in Leipzig since 2018 with approval according to §15 WpIG, unique in this constellation. Once you have experienced and understood it, you will not want to be looked after any differently.

Get professional resources to help you plan and implement your financial independence strategy. Gain control and overview of your finances. Set the course for finances with ease. Together, we’ll map out your life’s dreams in numbers and develop a concrete plan to achieve them.

And you’ll even enjoy investing and have a positive experience as we leave behind this eternal commission-based product selling and implement a forecast- and speculation-free investment philosophy.

Focus on your added value as a financial planner and foundation advisor

As a financial planner and foundation advisor with an academic background, you can expect me to have some foresight and strategic thinking. We can discuss topics such as asset transfer, inheritance, asset protection and charity together. For this purpose, I call on my excellent network of legal and tax experts as needed.

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Honorary consultant Germany

Your Honorary consultant in Germany, Mallorca and the world: Florian Zekert

  • since 2009 in the financial services industry
  • since 2012 freelance investment and financial broker
  • 2014 Graduation Master of Science Business Administration Focus on “Banking and Insurance Management” at the University of Leipzig
  • Thesis topic: “Private investor behavior in times of sovereign debt crisis and crisis of confidence in financial service providers”.
  • Turning point at the end of 2017 – desire for consistent customer centricity and doubts about classic financial services necessitate radical change
  • since 2018 Honorar-Anlageberater as a partner of Honorarfinanz AG in Leipzig
  • Specialization in scientific investment consulting and certification as ETF specialist (Deutsche Börse)
  • Certificate Degree Foundation Advisor (Frankfurt School of Finance)
  • Numerous other advanced training courses, e.g. in the areas of real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrencies


  • Year 1987
  • 2015/16: 10 months world trip Australia, New Zealand, USA
  • married with psychologist
  • Father of two cute daughters
  • regular wintering in Mallorca

My interests:

  • Mallorcalover
  • Outdoor sports – golf, hiking, SUP, yoga
  • Health for body and mind, self and for family
  • Economic and financial system
  • personal development
  • Assuming responsibility in the area of environmental protection and nature conservation

The partner institute

Honorarfinanz AG is one of 17 institutes in Germany for independent and fee-based investment advice, and one of the few with strictly scientific investment principles. We are customer-driven and not commission-driven, because your success is our mission. This makes us one of the market leaders in Germany and a reliable long-term partner for you.

Our mission: More money. More freedom. More life.

Honorary consultant Germany

Since our work is absolutely transparent, we are also happy to be under government supervision. As one of the few companies in our industry, we are listed in the Honorar-Anlageberatungsregister of BaFin. To the Honorary Investment Advisor Register of Bafin

The license is the guarantee for genuine, independent investment advice with an absolute prohibition of commission acceptance. For you as a client, this means nothing other than faster and more secure achievement of your financial goals. Because instead of profit-driven product sales, we put together the optimal investment strategy for YOU.

Want to see more of my work?

Honorary consultant Germany

If you want to see more of our insights as well as more of our work, visit me on our social media channels!

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