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My Philosophy

Florian Zekert

  • since 2009 in the financial services industry
  • since 2012 freelance investment and financial broker
  • 2014 graduation Master of Science Business Administration
  • Focus on banking, insurance & finance management at the University of Leipzig
  • Turning point at the end of 2017 – doubts about classic financial services make consequent change necessary
  • Since 2018 fee-based investment advisor as partner of Honorarfinanz AG in Leipzig
  • 2020: certified ETF consultant (Dt. Börse)
  • 2021: Stiftungsberater (Frankfurt School of Finance)

Your fee-based investment advisor in Leipzig

In 2008, as a young business student, I came highly motivated into the financial services industry and was allowed to gain plenty of experience. However, most of the scientific theories of investment from my studies were not taken very seriously in practice in my industry.
Mostly “stories” were trained and past performance was looked at.
The investment approaches and the opinions of the trade press were mannigfalten and ambiguous. Regardless, my investors made only mediocre profits despite good markets –
the reason: we had all underestimated the cost of investment products.

The longer I worked as an advisor, the more dissatisfied I became.
After all, the interest in wise investing and acting on the capital markets had been my original motivation – both to take up my studies in business administration and economics – and to become a financial advisor on behalf of my clients.

But the relevance of my professor’s admonishing words from the lecture Bank Management about investor fraud and the embarrassing greed of banks and other financial service providers I could unfortunately understand very well in practice. None of my clients has ever lost money with me, but with other advisors the entire capital was quickly lost in speculative and non-transparent products. Unfortunately, many clients have already had negative experiences in this regard.

Also, due to a lack of financial education, the capital markets are still a tremendous thing, where only a few dare to venture. I find that sad, especially when I think of my generation and the coming one. One should also participate in the game only if one has understood the rules!

But it is absolutely indispensable for most to let your savings “work for you”, if you want to keep your accustomed standard of living in old age!

Here I stand now as an enlightening advisor and strategist to the side.
Upon entering the industry, I developed the drive to be a valuable partner to my clients with my knowledge and advice, putting my clients’ best interests first. I want to help, create results and have everyone involved enjoy it. Finally, thanks to the state “seal of independence” and specialized insider knowledge, I can also guarantee this without any conflict of interest.
My own thirst for knowledge and the willingness for further development brought me consequently to where I am now.

Let me support you with professional means in planning and implementing your strategy for financial freedom – this is where I have real fun.
And you will also have fun and a positive investment experience when we finally leave this eternal commission-oriented product sales behind and implement a forecast and speculation-free investment philosophy.
You can find an insight into this here.

I would also like to help protect the fruits of your hard work. I am not the only one who is concerned about global developments, especially in Germany. Ultimately, we can only develop freely and also tackle the major problems of our time if our own existence and that of our children is secured as well as possible. That is why in recent years, in addition to the most effective strategies for asset accumulation, I have also dealt with the various possibilities of asset protection. Of course, I have acquired knowledge and network on real estate investments, precious metals and crypto to legal and tax issues by default. Recently, I have also been increasingly working with clients on asset protection in non-EU countries, in foreign currencies, and finally, if appropriate, on asset protection via a third-party legal entity such as one’s own foundation. For this purpose, I successfully completed the Foundation Advisor Certificate Programme at the Frankfurt School of Finance at the beginning of 2021.

In the long run, I would also like to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the next generation on the entire planet with my actions and will therefore constantly deal with concepts of sustainable investing and make them available to interested investors.

I stand for transparent, simple and partnership-based implemented concepts, which should help you alone to reach your financial goals as relaxed, efficient, sustainable and safe as possible.

The partner institute

Honorarfinanz AG is an institute for independent and fee-based investment advice, and one of the few with strictly scientific investment principles. We are customer-driven and not commission-driven, because your success is our mission,

Since our work is absolutely transparent, we are also happy to be under government supervision. We are one of the few companies in our industry to be listed in BaFin’s Honorar-Anlageberatungsregister.
But see for yourself:
To the fee-based investment advisor register of Bafin.

The approval is the guarantee for a real, independent investment consulting with an absolute prohibition of commission acceptance. For you as a client, this means nothing other than the faster and safer achievement of your financial goals, because we put together the optimal investment strategy for you instead of the most profitable product.

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