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The dream of real estate in Mallorca

The Germans’ favorite vacation island is as popular as ever, for living this is a paradise, even just over the winter and in the off-season.

Pleasant climate, fertile nature, mountains, dream beaches, great golf courses and generally diverse sports opportunities, a cosmopolitan society and culture, with Palma as one of the most beautiful major cities in Europe are just a few of the reasons why I also spend several months a year.

A feeling of lightness, relaxation and a great sense of gratitude can overtake you when you are allowed to stay here for a longer time.

Good schools, doctors, shopping facilities and flights to the most important metropolises in Europe are a few more advantages – in short:

The island has everything you need for a good and healthy life!

Real Estate Mallorca

That makes me a big Mallorcalover myself!

I spend several months a year on the island with my family and very much like to combine the above-mentioned advantages with a location-independent working style, also thanks to advancing digitalization.

I advise consequently also very gladly humans, who feel it similarly to me and for which Mallorca is to play an important role in the life planning. Many Mallorcafans with a successful economic background sooner or later the question:

Should I buy real estate in Mallorca? Is it worth it? What do I have to consider? How do I find trustworthy implementation partners?

Real Estate Mallorca

Real Estate in Mallorca – Professional support

The island also has a few unique advantages as an investment location. The limited land area and the exclusivity of the location have only the disadvantage that even in Corona times the prices have hardly dropped noticeably.

This is a truly crisis-proof location with plenty of potential.

Reliable consultants and specialists – A good network is what counts

I now have a high caliber network of selected specialists in the fields of law, taxation and real estate in Mallorca which I aim to use to your maximum advantage. The service providers can be coordinated by me and we will work hand in hand for a smooth positive experience for you.

Real Estate Mallorca

Spanien Investitionsdienstleistungen

Together with my best network partners, we have combined our strengths in a special project team to save you, as an investor, a lot of time and possible blunders. Together we make sure that an investment fits your general conditions, your financial plan, your tax requirements and, if necessary, your later inheritance strategy.


For example: a project such as a vacation home purchase with partial possible owner occupancy can be completed from the initial planning to the completely delegated management to success in the appropriate company construct. Even if you want to establish a company in Spain or have other legal and tax questions, you will find competent advice at Spain Investment Services.

Also the jump to other parts of Spain or across the Mediterranean can be organized. Since I have a wide network of multilingual trustworthy partners at my disposal here as well. Also for special requests you can benefit from my active membership in the largest international business network BNI (Business Network International).

Immobilien Mallorca
Good schools, doctors, shopping facilities and flight connections to the most important metropolises in Europe are some of the other advantages – in short:

Your independent financial advisor on the island

Do you already have an independent financial planner and Mallorca connoisseur at your side, who generally makes life easier for you in financial matters? Over the winter months, consulting sessions or later progress meetings are possible as an existing client on site on the island. Then you can combine the pleasant with the useful. Or would you rather not mix your vacation with financial topics after all? Then even better: We can also discuss the goals, figures and measures in the online consultation and if you wish, we can meet separately on the island and have a good time.

I and my team are here for you. Let’s explore your dreams together and make them come true!

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