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Asset protection and asset transfer

The facts of asset protection:

  • Measures to minimise costs and taxes
  • Measures to manage market and product risks
  • Measures to protect against political risks
  • Measures to protect against tax change risks
  • Measures to protect against civil law risks
  • Initial advice on the usefulness and possibilities of implementation in the foundation sector.
  • Advice on the optimal structuring of inheritance and gifting of assets

Service description:

asset protection

Not only since the Corona crisis have the assets of wealthy private investors or entrepreneurs been threatened by low interest rates and inflation, risky financial products and also expropriation tendencies of the state and rising taxes.

Rising over-indebtedness, a weakening economy and an ageing society do not bode well for the future. Much more important for people with high 6-digit net assets and more in the later phase of asset accumulation is then the topic of asset protection.
This requires product-independent and clear advice regarding the risks and possible effects on assets, as well as the development of a very individual asset protection strategy.

In order to avoid high inheritance and gift taxes and to avoid disputes and family unhappiness, a strategy should also be formulated and implemented in good time and during one’s lifetime in the area of asset transfer.

In this area, you naturally benefit from our know-how as a state-licensed fee-based investment advisor as well as our certification as a foundation advisor and our excellent network.

What are the benefits from asset protection?

  • clarity about the various risks and threat scenarios for your assets
  • clear asset protection strategy
  • Protection against creeping and malicious expropriation
  • protection against encroachment on private assets in the event of company insolvency
  • clarification of inheritance or support for beneficiaries during your lifetime
  • Avoidance of the break-up of your company in extreme cases
  • Protection of your family
  • Securing your standard of living and maintaining your freedom of action

What is the procedure?

  • Interview about your current situation, your wishes and motives, the persons involved, etc. (strictly confidential, of course). (strictly confidential, of course)
  • Individual counselling, in-house or also in cooperation with partners in the legal and tax field

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