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Crisis check for your investment depot and contracts

The file of a financial appraisal:

  • Profitability review of existing insurance and investment products
  • Testing the resistance to crises
  • Recommendations for action to optimize and reduce legal risks
  • Prüfung möglicher Kostensenkung um bis zu 50 %
  • possible yield increase of up to 100%
Financial report

Statement of Work:

With the financial appraisal, we analyze your existing financial and insurance contracts for reasonableness, crisis resistance, costs and profitability. You will find out exactly whether it is worthwhile to continue or what alternative courses of action are available to you. The analysis mainly serves insurance-based pension products such as life/annuity insurance, classic and fund-based, or existing investment portfolios. As a result, you will find out how safe your investment strategy is even in the event of a major crisis, what return after costs and taxes you will receive as a customer and whether the investment is worthwhile for you in the long term.

But for whom is a financial appraisal suitable?

For all those who want to have their portfolio or their entire investment strategy reviewed independently and specifically with a view to coming crises, because security and maintaining purchasing power are most important to you. Maybe you are not satisfied with your current financial products and want to know if it makes sense to stay invested. If you want to know what the costs of your financial product are and how they will affect your planning in the long term. Which action alternatives are available to you with your current product and how you can optimize them.

Financial report

Financial appraisals: How do you benefit from it?

  • You will learn which risks to be aware of in the event of major economic and financial crises
  • What the costs of your product are and how this affects the return on investment
  • Whether there are optimization opportunities for your products
  • How to reduce costs by up to 50%.
  • How to increase the return on investment by up to 100%.

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