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Crisis check for your investment depot and contracts

Financial assessment

For your portfolio and contracts

A neutral financial assessment analyzes your securities account as well as existing financial and insurance contracts with regard to reasonableness, crisis resistance, costs and profitability in order to show you alternative courses of action and to evaluate the long-term security and return of your investment strategy.

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The advantages at first glance:

  • Profitability review of existing insurance and investment products
  • Examination of crisis resistance
  • Recommendations for action to optimize and reduce legal risks
  • Examination of possible cost reduction by up to 50
  • Possible increase in earnings by up to 100

What is a financial assessment for?

Would you like to bring more clarity to your finances? As a fee-based advisor, we offer you guidance for your existing financial investments. With our independent advice, retirement planning, liquidity and investments can be harmoniously coordinated.

Thanks to the detailed analysis of your securities account, your other contracts or even as a second opinion on offers recommended to you by financial service providers, you gain clarity and certainty. Sometimes this helps you to take action in the first place. Our mission is to empower you to make well-informed decisions about your finances.

Consultation is usually based on a fee agreement. We can estimate our fee after an initial consultation and an assessment of the individual effort required on your behalf. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote to give you a transparent overview of the exact cost of our services.

The building blocks of our financial assessment

financial assessment

Analysis of your assets

As part of the financial assessment, we examine the composition and distribution of your portfolio and contracts. In particular, we also consider factors such as risk and performance, as well as costs, in order to provide you with a differentiated picture of your financial commitment.

financial assessment

Optimization suggestions for your securities account

A financial assessment not only offers you a thorough analysis of your assets, but also provides you with individual optimization proposals for your securities. Based on the results of the analysis, we can develop individual recommendations tailored to your investment goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

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