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Example calculation for retirment plan

Why seemingly free advice can cost a fortune!

For example, you want to save 500 euros per month for your private retirement plan and decide on a pension insurance with mutual funds. The savings period is 32 years. Normally, you receive supposedly “free” advice from an advisor who receives a commission from the product provider.

Unfortunately, such expensive products are not uncommon on the market. Compared to fee-based advice, you lose 225,470 euros through the supposedly free advice of the intermediary due to high product costs and thus jeopardise your old-age provision.

Whether you want to save a monthly amount or invest capital once, we advise you to seek an independent opinion and low-cost products such as an index fund strategy that fits your risk profile.

Arrange a get-to-know-you meeting with your fee-based advisor on site or via online consultation right away.

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