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Example calculation investment

In the classic world of financial advice, it is common to first receive supposedly “free” advice. The bank, investment company, advisor, etc. is then remunerated via the products and additional fees from the client’s invested money.

The damage caused to investors in Germany annually by overpriced and unsuitable financial products is estimated by the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection to be in the double-digit billions.

The following example illustrates how this comes about:

You want to invest €100,000 for the long term. You decide on an actively managed securities account consisting of shares and bonds with an investment horizon of 25 years. The market underlying this mix of equities and bonds offers an average return of assumed 6% per year over this period.

You take advantage of “free” advice from a bank that works on a commission basis.

Compared to fee-based advice, you lose 207,711 euros through the supposedly free advice of the commission broker due to high product costs.

No matter how you want to invest, we advise you to seek an independent opinion and low-cost products such as the attractive Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) & Asset Class Funds.

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