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Foundation consulting and asset management for foundations

Are you toying with the idea of setting up your own foundation? Or would you like an independent financial advisor for the efficient and sustainable management of existing foundation assets?


Foundation Consulting
Foundation Consulting

The challenge of foundation consulting

Many wealthy families build up a large part of their assets over generations. Primarily through their own entrepreneurial efforts or successful real estate investments. Of course, some have also built up a fortune by means of a career with simultaneous thriftiness and successful investments. Some have even enjoyed an inheritance or other sudden windfall.

After a certain age, however, the asset accumulation phase is followed by the so-called

Asset preservation phase of Foundation Consulting.

What has been hard-earned and built up over many years or decades should not be suddenly lost through a stroke of fate or external factors. It is wise to diversify these assets later on and to enlist the support of professionals in order to minimize taxes and investment costs and to banish unnecessary market and product risks, especially total loss risks, from your portfolios as far as possible.

Perhaps you yourself would like to have the opportunity to take a break, to take leave from the management or perhaps to go abroad, to transfer the company – and all this without endangering the company and thus the family fortune? You also don’t want the company, which was built up with a lot of sweat and heart and soul, to become an easy target for a hostile takeover?

If you don’t own a company or don’t want to consider close relatives in your inheritance, but you are already active as a volunteer or make active donations, the idea of your own charitable foundation can also be an exciting project for you. Even if this only takes up your work after your death. Would a discussion on this be interesting for you?

The focus of asset protection is generally on shielding family assets as far as possible from civil law risks, such as divorce, inheritance disputes or corporate insolvency, which can lead to personal insolvency and thus the total loss of all accumulated wealth.

In addition, many clients are also concerned about the risk of negative tax changes. In particular, the richer population is threatened with having to foot the bill for the excessive national debt not only of Germany, but also of other EU countries. The aging of the population contributes the rest.

And last but not least, desires are increasingly being voiced to implement various expropriation measures, we call it political risks that can manifest themselves, already seen with Mietpreisbremse or even rent capping, but also adversity in the form of the Lastenausgleichsgesetz or a possible gold ban should be a term many.

The consequence

Just let your companies run, keep putting off inconvenient planning or simply ignore the risks mentioned above. Just continue to trust your skill in making money. At some point, there will inevitably be negative surprises, some of which are irreversible, which will then burden you far more. In the worst case, your free and happy retirement is at stake and so is the possible inheritance for future generations.

Money is printed freedom for most of us. The freedom to do the things that matter to us with the people we care about. Many entrepreneurs want to give back to society and are involved in charitable and philanthropic work. Unfortunately, this commitment and their own legacy are also increasingly at risk.

Foundation Consulting

The foundation is a very effective tool in the framework of asset protection. It can solve the above challenges and help to avoid the negative consequences.

This is where independent and energetic support from experts is needed and the approach to our service.

We are certified foundation consultants with an excellent network

Honorarfinanz AG offers special foundation consulting concepts and has several certified foundation consultants (Frankfurt School of Finance) in its ranks. First of all, you can talk to us neutrally and professionally about your personal situation and questions of asset protection or asset transfer. We will initially explain to you the possibilities and advantages and disadvantages of various foundation models. When it comes to the concrete implementation, we will gladly open our expert network of highly experienced foundation consultants & managers including fundraising experts, tax consultants and lawyers in the DACH region and Liechtenstein.

In the further course, we are also happy to contribute our special know-how, above all in order to formulate appropriate investment guidelines for your foundation as a supplement to the foundation charter.

The final work is done by the lawyers. Our contribution can end here, but it does not have to.

If you wish, you can bring us onto the expert board on a permanent basis to design and oversee an asset investment strategy that is perfectly tailored to the foundation’s needs and based on the latest scientific findings. This strategy will be highly efficient and transparent, thus relieving the foundation’s board of one more worry in the long term and freeing it from liability. We will ensure that the foundation’s assets are preserved in real terms and that the foundation’s purpose can be fulfilled. Commissions or our own hidden interests naturally play no role in our support as state-certified fee-based investment advisors.

We will activate our entire network to encourage the solicitation of additional donations and endowments. If you wish to establish a charitable foundation or are already managing it as a board member.

In this area, we are interested in a long-term partnership at eye level, through which you can achieve your financial goals or the foundation’s purpose is secured in the long term.

We work completely product-independently and neutrally – just as you are used to from your tax advisor or lawyer.

Exclusive services specifically for entrepreneurs, future testators, charities or existing foundations

  • initial strategic consulting on asset protection concepts
  • Consideration of the meaningfulness of an own foundation or, if applicable, a trust foundation
  • initial advice on German foundation forms as well as on Liechtenstein family foundations
  • Seamless linking with other experts to set up your foundation
  • Contacts in foundation management
  • Support in the formulation of investment guidelines
  • Support for customized asset investment by means of commission-free products
  • Ongoing support and controlling, asset management
  • Within the framework of long-term cooperation, support in the acquisition of funds
  • Advice on further issues of succession and inheritance planning

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