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Foundation consulting and asset management for foundations

Foundation consulting and asset management for foundations

Are you interested in setting up your own foundation? Or are you looking for an independent asset manager to take care of the efficient and sustainable management of existing foundation funds? In both cases, our foundation consulting is the right choice for you.

Visit the website of our competence center for foundation consulting at Honorarfinanz AG and feel free to contact us there:


  • Initial strategic foundation consulting on asset protection concepts, for example for privately owned real estate portfolios
  • Initial advice on family foundations, both under German law and Liechtenstein family foundations
  • Seamless linkage with leading experts to design in detail and establish your foundation
  • Support in the formulation of investment guidelines
  • Consideration of the meaningfulness of an own charitable foundation or, if applicable, a trust foundation
  • Contacts in foundation management
  • Support for customized asset investment by means of commission-free products
  • Ongoing support and controlling, asset management
  • Within the framework of long-term cooperation, support in the acquisition of funds
  • Advice on further issues of succession and inheritance planning

The challenge of foundation consulting

Many wealthy families build their wealth over generations, primarily through successful entrepreneurial activities or shrewd real estate investments. Others have acquired their wealth through a solid career, thrift and wise investments. Some have even enjoyed an inheritance or an unexpected windfall.

However, the asset accumulation phase is followed at a certain age by the so-called asset preservation phase. The hard-earned and built-up assets should not be suddenly lost due to strokes of fate or external factors. For this reason, many people diversify their assets broadly and call on professional support in order to minimize taxes and investment costs and to banish unnecessary market and product risks, especially total loss risks, from their portfolios as far as possible.

You yourself may want to have the option of stepping down, withdrawing from management or going abroad without endangering the company and thus the family fortune. It is also important to protect the company you have painstakingly built up from hostile takeovers.

If you don’t own a business or don’t want to include close relatives in your inheritance, setting up your own charitable foundation can be an exciting project, mainly if you are already active as a volunteer or donate regularly.

Asset protection generally aims to shield family assets from civil law risks such as divorce, inheritance disputes or corporate insolvency. Many clients also worry about negative tax changes and political risks, such as expropriation measures.

The consequence

If you continue to manage your companies or real estate and investment portfolios unchanged, postpone unpleasant planning or ignore the risks mentioned, negative surprises will occur sooner or later. In the worst case, your carefree retirement and the possible inheritance for future generations are at stake.

Foundation Consulting

The solution: Foundation consulting & fee-based consulting

The foundation can be an effective tool in the context of asset protection. It can overcome the challenges mentioned and help to avoid negative consequences. However, it always depends on your individual motives and situation.

This is where independent and dedicated support from experts is needed – and that is our approach.

Honorarfinanz AG offers special foundation consulting concepts and has two certified foundation consultants in its ranks (Florian Zekert and Ralf Kornmayer). We first inform you neutrally and professionally about the possibilities and advantages and disadvantages of different foundation models, if desired combined with a strategic asset and liquidity planning or a commission-free asset management approach.

For the concrete implementation, we are happy to provide you with our expert network of experienced tax and legal experts.

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Foundation Consulting

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