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Liquidity and asset planning

Do you want to be able to manage your wealth planning digitally and be in control of it yourself?

Haben Sie ihre Vermögensplanung digital immer im Griff!

  • Complete overview of your financial situation
  • Real advice, independent of product recommendations
  • Maximum transparency and control
  • Perfect basis for future financial decisions
  • Available from anywhere at any time via online access
wealth planning digital

But what is liquidity planning?

Liquidity planning is the process of forecasting and managing liquid mids of individuals or businesses. It involves analyzing cash flow and preparing a financing plan. Liquidity planning is used to ensure that a person has sufficient funds to pay his current expenses and make planned investments.

And what is digital wealth planning?

Asset planning is the process of forecasting and managing the assets of an individual or business. This includes the analysis of assets such as fixed assets, current assets and liabilities. Asset planning is used to ensure that a company has sufficient assets to meet its financing needs and achieve its financial goals.

How does the location-independent planning proceed?

Digital wealth planning is offered to save you the trip through Germany. Through digital communications ways like Zoom, Team or a simple phone call, more information can be shared quickly and flexibly.

wealth planning digital

But this is how you can structure your digital wealth planning?

Liquidity and asset planning will meet your different needs. You get a summary of your finances on a timeline. Especially interesting if you are, for example, a self-employed entrepreneur who has already concluded several financial products and loans.

The effects of your existing assets and liabilities are finally clearly presented. From now on, you can assess how much free liquidity remains after expenses and taxes for further planning. You get a transparent overview of your personal, financial situation and thus gain full control and maximum planning security for the future.

Wollen Sie endlich volle Kontrolle über Ihre Finanzen erlangen, dann buchen Sie bitte zunächst ein Kennenlerngespräch, bevor wir dann Ihre Vermögensplanung digital erstellen und auf Ihren Wunsch hin gemeinsam lebensbegleitend verwalten können.

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then you know you need planning :

  • Can I achieve my life goals with my overall asset structure (real estate, securities, insurance assets, etc.)?
  • Does the current asset mix meet my return/risk expectations?
  • Are my investments optimally positioned and crisis-proof?
  • Do you cover all risk-relevant circumstances for me and my family?
  • Will my financial reserves be enough to pay for my children’s education?
  • Can I maintain my standard of living in well-earned retirement? When can I afford to retire to private life?
  • How high may withdrawals be without reducing assets?
  • Is it possible to increase the return from asset investments without increasing the overall risk?
  • Want to leave home and make wealth planning analog?
  • When am I excused?
  • What free liquidity is available to me?

“No,” said? Then decide now for a wealth planning digital

Decide now!

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