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Liquidity and asset planning

Do you want to take your life planning into your own hands?

  • Complete overview of your financial situation
  • Real advice, independent of product recommendations
  • Maximum transparency and control
  • Perfect basis for future financial decisions

Here is an excerpt of the answers you will receive:

  • Can I achieve my life goals with my overall asset structure (real estate, securities, insurance assets, etc.)?
  • Does the current composition of my assets meet my risk/return expectations?
  • Are my assets optimally positioned and crisis-proof?
  • Are all risk-relevant circumstances for me and my family covered?
  • Are my financial reserves sufficient for my children’s education?
  • Can I maintain my standard of living in my well-deserved retirement?
  • When can I afford to retire to private life?
  • How high can withdrawals be without reducing assets?
  • Is it possible to increase the return from investments without increasing the overall risk?
  • Can I afford to buy real estate?
  • When will I be debt-free?
  • What free liquidity is available to me?

Liquidity and asset planning meets the different needs of clients. You receive a summary of your finances on a timeline. This is particularly interesting if you are, for example, a self-employed entrepreneur who has already taken out several financial products and loans.

The effects of your existing assets and liabilities are finally clearly displayed. From now on, you can assess how much free liquidity remains after expenses and taxes for further planning. You get a transparent overview of your personal, financial situation and thus gain full control and maximum planning security for the future.

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