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Liquidity and wealth planning

Liquidity and wealth planning in Germany

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Honorarfinanz Leipzig offers you customized, product-neutral and wealth planning from germany to efficiently manage your finances. “Wealth planning digital” – your tool to ensure control over your finances at any time in the areas of provision, liquidity and investments. Save a lot of time and nerves, because you will always have the optimal basis for complex financial decisions. Our digital wealth planning expert will help you plan and achieve your financial goals effectively.

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Advantages at first sight

  • Comprehensive overview of your finances
  • Objective advice without product interests
  • Highest transparency and control options
  • Optimal basis for future financial decisions
  • Access online at any time and from anywhere
  • Current overview of assets through bank interfaces in real time
wealth planning germany

Here are a few questions to help you through the decision-making process:

Quiz zur Vermögensplanung

Question 1:

Can I achieve my life goals with my overall wealth structure (real estate, securities, insurance assets, etc.)?

What is wealth planning in Germany?

Digital wealth planning is an efficient tool for optimizing your finances. At Honorarfinanz Leipzig, we offer customized solutions for “digital wealth planning” as independent fee-based advisors. We support you in identifying simple and safe investment options in order to optimally coordinate provision, liquidity and investments.

Our experienced fee-based advisors for digital wealth planning analyze your entire financial situation and offer suitable solutions to adequately assess risks. In doing so, you always retain full control over your financial decisions and make sound choices for your financial future.

Digital wealth planning at Honorarfinanz AG Leipzig is based on a transparent fee agreement, with remuneration calculated individually according to the time and effort involved. We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer that gives you a clear overview of the costs involved. Let us optimize your finances together in the area of wealth planning digital!

This is how wealth planning is done in Germany.

Our approach to working with your strategic wealth planning digitally is to discuss relevant questions and numbers in simple and efficient video calls. We typically use Microsoft Teams or Zoom for our consultations.

To begin, we gather all the necessary information from you or work with your bank, insurance company, tax advisor or other trusted service providers if you wish. We even have a collaborative partner who can come to your office or home to perform the digitization of your paper documents.

After creating your digital financial plan, we present it in a video call and explain recommended actions and steps. Ongoing support and updating of your digital wealth planning with our assistance can be extremely beneficial and goal-oriented for you. In addition, you will receive online access to your digital wealth planning, which you can access at any time and from anywhere in the world using any device.

Go digital with wealth planning and reap the benefits of timely and efficient financial management.

The 3 investor properties

Digitale Vermögensplanung


Through our professional advice, you can turn uncertainty about finances and contracts into confidence. You will gain a better understanding of your expenses and gain clarity about your financial situation. We help you overcome doubts about investments and make an appropriate choice of financial products to avoid overexposure. Finally, we help you recognize the long-term impact of your investment approach and successfully achieve your financial goals.

wealth planning germany


Your financial commitments span a wide range, and it’s important to understand the long-term implications of your investments. Professional wealth planning assistance can help you achieve your goals and build a solid foundation for future financial decisions. Careful planning ensures the peace of mind you need to successfully manage your financial future.

wealth planning germany


When planning a major investment, uncertainty may arise regarding financial viability. It is often difficult to assess the long-term consequences of investing money and make appropriate decisions. A solid decision-making framework, based on a detailed financial plan, can help you hedge your bets and minimize risk. Professional advice and assistance are essential to help you determine the best course of action for your investments and ensure a successful financial future.

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