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Retirement planning

What are the benefits for you?

  • You know exactly what your situation will be in retirement as things currently stand.
  • You will learn what measures you need to take now to close any pension gaps.
  • You will learn which pension concepts (Rürup, GRV, Riester, bAV, private pension) are the most efficient for you and which ones are even possible for you. Because by no means every concept will be suitable for you.
  • You have a personal and individual roadmap to retirement age, which you can follow to achieve your personal goal.
  • Your retirement planning will be implemented with highly efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Service Description:

Retirement planning simulates your future at retirement age. All entitlements as well as your personal living costs in retirement age are taken into account. The simulation is carried out with various life expectancy and inflation scenarios. Based on this, a possible pension gap is determined and the cash value required to close it is calculated. As a result, solutions for closing the pension gap are calculated on the basis of personal requirements and tax requirements and simulated according to profitability, providing you with an individual and accurate roadmap for your private retirement provision.

What is the procedure?

  • We collect all possible entitlements and assets together
  • You define your situation in retirement (required liquidity, life expectancy, inflation trend, income trend, etc.)
  • We determine your individual opportunity/risk profile
  • The retirement planning concept is precisely tailored to this profile
  • We simulate your situation at retirement age and jointly define the strategy
  • You are provided with a roadmap for implementation
  • If you wish, you can implement the strategy together with us using commission-free and highly efficient retirement provision products.
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