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Scientific investment advice

Benefit from the knowledge of decades of capital market research. Follow the investment principles of science and improve your return chances in the long run.


  • in markets instead of individual stocks
  • globally diversified
  • cost-effective
  • liquid and fungible

The facts:

  • Advice based on decades of capital market research
  • Matching to your personal risk profile
  • Use of cost-effective index solutions (e.g. ETFs)
  • highly efficient and profitable
  • …also sustainable if desired
  • Investment according to ESG criteria in particularly sustainable companies
  • scientifically structured
  • Cost-effective
  • from 50.000€ one-time investment

Service description:

Scientific investment advice is based on decades of capital market research and as a result delivers a highly efficient and cost-effective investment concept. We give you access to the global capital markets through the most cost-effective investment products of our time.
The structure of the portfolio takes into account scientific findings, such as optimization through small cap and value shares. You as an investor get access to ETF solutions as well as asset class index funds and can thus perfectly diversify your portfolio. The elaboration is exactly based on your risk profiling and is individually tailored to your life planning.
As a result, you have your unique, cost-effective and highly efficient portfolio according to scientific standards.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You get a highly efficient and cost-effective portfolio
  • The investment structure is precisely tailored to your personal risk profile
  • The portfolio is not based on speculation, but on scientific standards
  • The global capital markets provide you with the desired returns
  • You achieve your personal goals with your securities account
  • And in the long run you beat about 70 % of all asset managers.

What is the procedure?

  • We work with you to develop your personal investor profile.
  • Based on these requirements we develop a scientific investment concept
  • You can decide whether you implement it yourself or whether we do so
  • We set up your securities account and execute the transactions on request
  • If you wish, we can offer you a support concept
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