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Retirement plan

“Age of joy, instead of age of worry”


The pension crisis is not limited to Germany; it is a growing global concern affecting numerous countries. The primary cause is demographic change, with an aging population and declining birth rates. In 2022, Germany alone had to inject 130 billion euros of taxpayers’ money to maintain its pension system. As the “baby boomer” generation approaches retirement age worldwide, this problem will only intensify.

Pension systems across the globe are under increasing pressure, and governments are scrambling to find solutions to ensure financial security for their aging populations. This issue calls for a re-evaluation of current pension schemes and the exploration of innovative approaches to old-age provision, including changes to retirement ages, increased contributions, and the promotion of private savings and investment plans. It is crucial that countries collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences in order to develop sustainable and equitable pension systems for future generations.

The consequence: a pension level in 2040 of 43% of the last gross salary. Further negative consequences, such as an increase in the standard retirement age, are unfortunately foreseeable.

The consequence:

Personal responsibility is called for!

If you want to achieve your desired standard of living in a self-determined manner even in old age, you have to think about a strategy, forge an individual retirement plan and take matters into your own hands!

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Retirement plan
Retirement plan
Retirement plan

Financial security

You want to achieve financial security in old age through a well-crafted retirement plan. Without having to work, you want to be able to cover your private expenses completely. Your entire livelihood should be covered by passive income.

Financial vitality

In addition to financial security, you would also like to achieve financial vitality and be able to afford the finer things in life in old age. Travel, restaurant visits, and a little luxury are also important to you in old age.

Financial independence

You want to achieve financial independence and freedom by strategically implementing a retirement plan. You don’t want to work anymore for the lifestyle you have today. To do this, you want to live where you want and do what you want.

What our independent retirement planning advice has in store for you

Together with you, we would like to find out how you can realize your dreams in old age. We want to help you to be sustainably freed from this permanent subliminal worry. Retirement planning raises a number of questions that you can clarify together with us as your fee-based advisor during a retirement planning consultation. With the help of our retirement planning, we simulate your financial future in old age. We check whether your existing pension entitlements and the statutory pension are already sufficient to secure your desired standard of living in retirement.

In doing so, we work in a completely neutral manner and run simulations with various scenarios for life expectancy and inflation. Based on these results, we determine a possible pension gap. If a pension gap exists, we look for the most efficient ways to close it. We also address which investment strategy is best suited to build up assets in a crisis-proof and cost-efficient manner.

As a result, we present you with individual solutions to close your pension gap, taking into account your personal needs and tax requirements. We also simulate the profitability of the solutions. Our retirement planning advice is completely independent and the result is an accurate financial plan that will help you realize your dreams and desires in retirement.

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What are the benefits of retirement planning?

Retirement plan
  • You know exactly what your situation will be in retirement as things currently stand.
  • You will learn what measures you need to take now to close any pension gaps.
  • You will find out which pension plans (Rürup, GRV, Riester, bAV, private pension) are the most efficient for you and which ones are even possible for you.
  • You have a personal and individual roadmap to retirement age that you can use as a guide to achieve your personal goal.
  • Your retirement provision is implemented with highly efficient and cost-effective solutions

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