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Together we make sure you always have enough money for your dreams
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Honorarberatung Leipzig Florian Zekert Investor Coach
With us at your side you will make profitable decisions even in difficult times.
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Honorarberatung Leipzig Florian Zekert Financial Planner
How does your ideal future look like? Start creating your plan and take the best possible action now
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Honorarberatung LeipzigHonorarberatung LeipzigHonorarberatung LeipzigHonorarberatung LeipzigHonorarberatung Leipzig

Institute for independent financial advice and investment in the Leipzig region.

Are you looking for accurate fee-based consulting in Leipzig?

Because: you want to invest your money and (this time) do everything right!

Fair Advice – Educate – Win

My name is Florian Zekert and I stand for true independent financial advice. When choosing my accreditation, I opted for this elitist form and am thus at your service as a state-approved fee-based investment advisor. With Honorarfinanz AG as a partner, I guarantee you a service at the highest level and you are thus in good hands for the long term with one of the market leaders for fee-based consulting in Germany.


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Florian in 40 years ;-) "The Value of a Financial Advisor"

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What is an independent financial advisor actually?

The only thing is that the term “independent financial advisor” is not clearly defined in Germany.
Therefore, it is worthwhile for you to take a closer look in advance at who you are entrusting with these important tasks.

It is often not easy for even people from the financial sector to find their way through the various licenses among financial advisors in Germany. Most terms are not protected, and therefore many financial service providers like to call themselves “independent financial advisor”, “independent investment advisor”, “financial coach” and much more. But through Honorarfinanz AG you get real licensed independent financial advice.


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independent financial advice germanyEverything we do is focused on your needs. To empower you to make the right financial decisions to achieve your financial goals much faster and with less stress.With transparency and effective solutions, you will build wealth faster and more securely, and if desired, with the help of individual investor coaching, you will have a guaranteed positive investment experience!
The key to financial consulting without conflict of interest is fee-based consulting Leipzig.

Get to know us


Honorarfinanz AG stands for independent financial advice = fee-based consulting in Leipzig and Mallorca.

And above all: Thanks to online consulting and the right network, there are no borders. We currently serve clients all over Europe.


  • Control – You set up your financial plan and don’t leave your financial future to chance.
  • Transparency – You finally understand your finances.Asset protection – Count on maximum security for your assets.
  • Investor Interest – Focus on your interests as an investor.
  • Evidence – Take advantage of demonstrable, scientific capital market research.
  • Lowest Cost – Let us reduce overall costs and dramatically increase your bottom line.
  • Longevity – Indexed solutions last for generations.
  • Time savings – With us as an independent professional on your side, you save yourself a lot of time, stress and therefore money.

Overview of the services


New standards through independent financial advice/honorarium consulting.

Imagine that your tax advisor is not remunerated by you, but receives a commission from the tax office depending on the amount of your tax liability. How would you feel as a client?

In fact, nowadays in Germany, the financial advisory system of banks and other financial intermediaries usually works the same way on a commission basis.

Financial products are usually sold by bank advisors, insurance agents, brokers or structural distributors. The incentive for the advisor is various forms of commission, which are paid by the product providers in the event of a successful conclusion. This creates false incentives and conflicts of interest, which is why consumer protectors have been calling for years for the establishment of fee-based consulting as a real alternative.

Make yourselves a picture over the advisor types. Promoted and recommended by the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection is the website Wegweiser Finanzberatung.


Why pay for independent financial advice at all?

Most financial service providers offer “free advice” – as a service, so to speak. In doing so, they are happy to recommend products with which they can collect handsome fees and the highest possible, sometimes hidden, commissions. By signing the contract, the customer pays significantly more money over the entire term than he or she initially realizes.

In many countries such as the USA, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, fee-based advice has long been the norm. The sale of commission-based investment and pension products, on the other hand, is actually prohibited there. Financial experts there give independent advice, for example, on private retirement planning, and then recommend a financial product that is suitable for you as a consumer. The advisor is paid directly by the client on an hourly rate basis or via flat rates.

In Germany, this form of consulting is still rare, to the detriment of clients. Because advisors at financial service providers such as banks, insurance companies and brokers in this country only get paid for brokering products. The advice is apparently free of charge. But if you look closely, you will discover a high degree of non-transparency when it comes to costs. Investors almost always miss their savings targets because the brokered products are unsuitable or too expensive.

Separation of consulting and product sales

Needs-oriented and guaranteed independent financial advice in the interest of the consumer can only be provided if the components of advice and product sales are separated. This separation enables a new dimension of consulting quality for the individual consumer, but also for the (fee-based) consultant. Therefore, find out more about the business model of your personal financial advisor.


The core topics for your financial success.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

This is your navigator and dashboard for your financial life journey! In a comprehensive dynamic view, all financial aspects of your situation and goals are included. This allows complex decisions to be made in a well-founded manner. You receive true product-independent advice and gain lasting full control.

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Scientific Investment Advice

Scientific Investment Advice

Decades of capital market research provide you with an individual, highly efficient and cost-effective investment concept. Your risk tolerance is precisely determined and you benefit from solutions that were previously only available to large investors.

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Investor Coaching

Investor Coaching

Our task is to help you as an investor to follow the rules of investing and not to make mistakes during the investment horizon. Only in this way you will reach your financial goals and achieve the real returns of the capital markets.

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