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Personal financial planning and independent investment advice at the highest level and without any conflict of interest.
Ideal for you as an entrepreneur, executive or private individual if you want more from life.
With our fee-based advice from Leipzig, Mallorca & worldwide.

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Independent financial advice

Fee-based consulting Leipzig & Mallorca

Your financial future is too important to leave to chance. Are you looking for a trustworthy financial planner and investment advisor who focuses entirely on your needs? We offer personal fee-based advice in Leipzig, on Mallorca or online, without any conflicts of interest, but with clarity, transparency and efficiency.

Important questions about your wealth are our expertise:

  • How can your money work effectively for you and give you more time for family and joy?
  • Financial management takes up too much time, and you are looking for profitable, long-term investments.
  • Trusting a financial specialist can be a hurdle. Is a personal and competent contact person in Mallorca or elsewhere your priority?

Do you recognize yourself in some of these points?

If you recognize yourself in these questions, you are not alone. No one is a professional in all areas, but choosing the right specialists to advance you is crucial.
Have you ever considered compensating your financial advisor directly through a fee for his services?
Fee-based consulting with sound financial planning can make a significant difference to your future quality of life and HOW you achieve your financial goals, as we act without conflicts of interest.

Financial advice requires trust.

With Honorarberatung Leipzig, you receive a modern form of financial advice at eye level.
As a state-licensed fee-based investment advisor, I work solely in your interest and guarantee this through a prohibition on commission acceptance. Our partnership with Honorarfinanz AG, one of the market leaders in Germany, and our international network of experts, allows us to achieve great results for you.
Let’s discuss your goals and dreams and forge a plan for your financial future.

Honorarberatung Leipzig
Your Fee-Based Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

Honorarberatung Leipzig
"It matters how you win."


Fee-based consulting Leipzig

Investment advice

Tailor-made strategies for your investment goals. Our focus is on you and, if applicable, your loved ones. Transparency, security and returns are always at the forefront. Scientific findings and ETFs are used to perfection for you.

Financial planning

We support you in drawing up a clear and structured financial plan. We focus on your financial security and provision for the future. Together, we ensure that you achieve your goals across generations and always maintain an overview.

Financial appraisal

Get a professional second opinion. This will give you full cost transparency, as well as an overview and clarity about the appropriateness and structure of your custody accounts or insurance investment products. This will provide you with an optimal basis for decision-making.

Our 100 % Rule!

100% independent advice

Thanks to authorization according to § 15 WpIG as an independent fee-based investment advisor

100% clarity & transparency

You know exactly what to expect.
Without hidden costs.

100% on your side

Guaranteed by BaFin supervision and strict commission acceptance ban

Honorarberatung Leipzig

Independent financial advice with many years of experience and professionalism.

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Fee-based advice from Leipzig & Mallorca: Why Honorarfinanz is the right choice for you

Independent financial advice without commissions and hidden costs:

Are you looking for truly independent financial advice? Then you are in the right place with us as one of the market leaders for fee-based advice in Germany. As a state-licensed independent fee-based investment advisor, we are different from 99% of all other financial advisors.
Honorarfinanz AG is one of only 18 state-licensed and independent investment institutions that advise exclusively on a fee basis, as has long been recommended by consumer protection agencies.
This ensures that the advice is in your best interest.

Your financial success is our mission. See for yourself!

Your first step towards financial clarity begins with a free and non-binding initial consultation.

BaFin - Your sign of security with Honorarfinanz AG

As fee-based investment advisors, we are legally subject to the prohibition of accepting commissions and are under the strict supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). These legal requirements ensure the highest standards in our consulting and give you the certainty that your financial interests always come first.
Private individual

Individual financial solutions tailored to your personal needs and goals.


Customized financial strategies that meet the requirements and ambitions of your company.

Private individual

Individual financial solutions tailored to your personal needs and goals.


Customized financial strategies tailored to the needs and goals of your company.

Milestones in your financial strategy

Introduction & needs assessment:

  • Getting to know each other and exploratory meeting
  • Determining the needs and added value of a collaboration
  • Definition of the assignment

Step 2

Presentation & implementation:

  • Presentation of the developed concept
  • Clarification of open questions
  • Discussion of the implementation steps
  • Implementation of the planned measures and business management

Step 4

Step 1

Strategy development & planning:

  • Advice in accordance with the defined mandate
  • Determination of the risk profile (if necessary)
  • Development of an individual strategy
  • Elaboration of an investment or financial concept
  • Selection of suitable products and definition of the strategy

Step 3

Long-term support:

  • Comprehensive care concept
  • Continuous and individual support through all phases of life and for all needs

Why you should hire us for fee-based consulting from Leipzig:

1. foresight & objectivity

As a genuine fee-based advisor, we are not tied to specific products or services, but can actually provide objective advice independent of commissions. From financial appraisals and financial planning to customized investment advice on an
ETF basis. What counts is an individual strategy with foresight. Scientific findings in capital investment and tax-optimized design across generations.
Without hidden conflicts of interest.

2. safety

Honorarfinanz AG is licensed as an institute for independent fee-based investment advice and is one of the market leaders for fee-based advice in Germany.
This guarantees professional structures similar to those of banks, with several securities specialists in Karlsruhe and compliance with high banking standards.
Your wealth preservation always comes first and we avoid speculation and the risk of total loss. Moreover, your assets will never be unmanaged and you will always have a personal contact person.

3. international network

As your financial planner, we accompany you on your financial journey. Even if it takes you out of Germany. We maintain an overview, discover blind spots in your structure and connect you with other experts. Over the years, we have built up an international network in a wide variety of areas. Unique solution concepts for entrepreneurs with specialized partners can also create enormous added value. We are particularly involved in the global BNI network in the Mallorca International Chapter.

Honorarberatung Leipzig

Our team

Meet your consultant

“I am Florian Zekert, your certified fee-based investment advisor with over 14 years of experience. As a partner of Honorarfinanz AG in Leipzig and Mallorca, I specialize in strategic financial planning and highly efficient investment strategies. My aim is to constantly educate and develop myself for you in order to provide you with the greatest possible added value. In addition to my studies and numerous certificates, I was recognized as a Top 100 financial advisor in Germany in 2022. In my private life, I am a proud family man, an enthusiastic sportsman and a big fan of Mallorca.
I myself am living my dream and work from anywhere and preferably from Mallorca.”

Fee-based investment advisor & financial planner

What our customers say

for fee-based consulting from Leipzig & Mallorca

Case Studies

An entrepreneur, 59 years old, has achieved great success in the vibrant world of creative business. Nevertheless, she often feels insecure when it comes to financial matters and numbers. Having lost a lot of money in the past and with retirement only ten years away, she is desperate for support.

The goals: Financial roadmap and flexibility
A solid financial roadmap is her goal in order to always have sufficient liquidity. Optimal decisions, whether in relation to repayments, follow-up financing or the sale of property and alternative investments, are her priority. In addition, flexible planning that also takes into account the possibility of emigration is important to her.

The problem: uncertainty and the need for financial advice
Her medium-sized real estate portfolio, burdened with high loans, represents an additional burden. She has concerns about her future liquidity, possible interest rate rises and finding the right strategy.

The solution: Trusted financial advice and strategy development
Her proposed solution involves building a trusting relationship with an independent financial advisor. Together with her tax advisor and her bank advisor, she plans to draw up a financial plan. She plans to surrender unprofitable life insurance policies and a basic pension and diversify the available capital to ensure security and growth potential.

Result: Security, control and individual investment strategies
As a result of her efforts, she hopes to feel that she is in good hands and has a reliable partner at her side. The comprehensive financial roadmap is designed to give her the security she needs and better control over her liquidity. By combining calculated risk and intuitive decisions, she strives for individual investment strategies that fit her needs and goals.

At 43, our IT manager is heavily involved in his job. In addition to his demanding job, he also has a family with children and a house to look after. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to take care of his financial affairs. He has several portfolios with individual shares, funds and ETFs, but is disappointed with the results. Despite some knowledge, he feels insecure when it comes to making financial decisions.

The goals: Optimizing investments and setting up savings plans
He would like to optimize and simplify his existing investments. A sound strategy for his retirement provision is also important to him. He is also planning to set up investment savings plans for his children.

The problem: dissatisfaction with investments and a lack of financial knowledge
The lack of time and half-knowledge lead to uncertainty when making financial decisions. His current investments are not delivering the expected results, leading to further dissatisfaction.

The solution: Comprehensive retirement planning and a customized ETF portfolio
In order to achieve his goals, a comprehensive retirement plan should be drawn up as a first step. In addition, a customized ETF world portfolio is planned, which is integrated into a life insurance policy as a net product. This offers tax-protected gains and inheritance options. In addition, investment savings plans are to be set up for the children.

Result: security and a solid financial future
Through these measures, the IT manager hopes to feel more secure and optimistic about his financial future. The simple and comprehensible strategy for retirement provision should lead to financial independence. In addition, the children should have a secure financial future thanks to the solid investment savings plans

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