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This is what the service catalogue looks like with us

target-oriented consulting – tailor-made solutions – comprehensive service

Excerpt from the extensive service catalog of Honorarfinanz AG

The best for your finances and your assets – our liquidity and asset planning first provides you with a complete overview of your finances and your assets. Which products are already in place, which ones can you possibly do without and which financial and investment products complement and optimize your portfolio in a meaningful way. This planning forms the stable basis for future financial decisions.

Retirement and pension planning

Retirement and pension planning ensures the efficient accumulation of your assets and financial freedom in old age. Together, we examine what has been done so far in the area of retirement planning, whether the measures taken so far are sufficient and, if necessary, which products can be added to complete the portfolio. In doing so, we focus on profitable, because cost-effective, capital market products that are selected depending on your risk profile.

scientific investment advice

The core in most cases is the scientific investment advice. This is based on the results of decades of capital market research and provides you with a highly efficient and cost-effective investment concept. In addition to ETF solutions, our investors also get access to index class investment funds and can thus optimally diversify their portfolio. The elaboration is exactly based on your risk profile and is individually tailored to your life planning.

Throughout the advisory process, we have the broadest possible focus on the various risks to your assets, including legal, political and tax risks.
We offer an independent second opinion on these topics and sound advice on asset protection. Even if not always suitable, you may still benefit from our know-how and our certification as Foundation consultant (Frankfurt School of Finance).

Service catalogue

Our flat rates for your finances make our costs as a fee-based advisor predictable and calculable. We offer various packages with different scopes of services at a fixed price. This allows you to decide which services we can undertake for you and what you would like to do yourself. In this way it is possible for us to handle almost all financial matters for you. Including for example also meeting, services and controlling. The perfect complement to the management of your assets by us as investment advisors.

The digital financial overview of Honorarfinanz AG gives you access to your financial planning anytime and anywhere. You can access all factors online – and also via your smartphone. This eliminates stacks of paper on financial products in the closet. The digital financial overview makes you flexible and independent.

Get to know fee-based consulting without obligation

We would like to invite you to learn more about fee-based consulting and offer you a free initial consultation. We will show you what fee-based consulting can do for you and how you can optimize your finances with us and invest your assets safely and profitably in the long term.

Our consulting process – Six steps to success:

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